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Mini Clapperboard Digital Clock

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Mini Clapperboard Digital Clock

Looking and acting exactly like a director digital clapperboard, this Digital Alarm Clock displays time in a 24 hour format, which is complete even up to seconds and deci-seconds. Besides, it shows you the date in a dd/month/year format. It’s also a fully functional alarm clock. To silence it, just use the clapper and clip the board like you are beginning a movie take, and the alarm stops (and action!). 

This product would be suitable for all you aspiring directors, movie freaks, and people who are just interested in funky looking clocks. The product’s clear simplistic style makes it effortlessly blend into any modern decor and provide you with a unique personal expression. 

A cool gadget, great to give as a gift or to feature on your internet storefront to resell to others.

Displays date and time to the decisecond

Feels and acts like a real directors slate

Alarm function

Great as a gift



Controls: UP, Alarm ON/OFF, Time, Alarm Set, Down, Up

Time Display: LCD 24 Hour Clock Display (Military Time) Hour, Minute, Second, Deci-Second

Date Display: Day, Month, Year

Alarm Length: 10 Minutes

Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 Degree

Power Source: Power Adapter

Input: 100-240 V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 6V


Main product dimensions: 110x120x20mm (L x W x D)

Package Contents

Mini Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock

Power Adapter

User Manual