FAQ – DealDaps


There are some reasons, why collecting customers phone number is important:

  • Carriers want to agree on a day and time of package delivery. Some carriers deliver shipments to the customer's door, therefore, they need to have a valid customer’s phone number beforehand, so that the customer is present when the carrier delivers the package.
  • Carriers or postal office wants to inform about the pick-up of the package. In cases the carrier fails to deliver the package due to buyer not being present, the carrier might deliver the package to the closest parcel machine or post office. The phone number will be needed to update the buyer on the change of delivery. 
  • Customs wants to inform about the package being suspended at the customs. There might be cases, when the packages are flagged in terms of taxes, therefore, customs may want to reach out to the customer about the process of clearance.  
  • Some suppliers require a valid phone number information, therefore, if it is not provided, suppliers may cancel such orders. Suppliers have such policy, because if the shipment is not picked up by the customer, it is returned back to the supplier.